Thursday, 26 November 2009

Hero of Hyrule!

I'm back from my (very nice) rest in Swindon, where I did very little work (intentional) and did little else but read and play on my DS. I've been obsessing over Animal Crossing again after a long lull but after getting a bit bored with that, ventured back into the Gameboy Advance version of Link to the Past that's been sat in my DS since I bought it over a year ago. Being an Amiga/Sega/Playstation player during my teen years, the only access I had to LTTP was through my friend's brother's copy, so I'm really really enjoying it at the moment! The graphics are gorgeous, the game play challenging and it's very very addictive.
Staying with the Zelda theme, Freshly-Picked: Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland is a very good, very odd LOZ spin-off for the DS. The graphics are stunning (2D) and the game play strangely addictive. It's a hard one to explain so I'd say try and get hold of a copy. It's not for everyone though!

Lastly, here's a little drawing I did, inspired by all the Zelda gaming I've been doing...


  1. I think Luke would like that drawing. Quite a lot.

  2. I'd love to get the Link picture as a print! That'll be awesome if it was in the store. :D


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