Thursday, 12 November 2009

Attempt at typography

I'm currently making some superhero-themed shoe designs for Kings of Neon and they want some comic-book style sound effects to go with the characters. Here's my attempt at some comic-book style typography! Some I actually quite like and some are a bit bleh, but it was a fun exercise!


  1. I like the half tone effect on slam - perhaps you could go a bit more lichtenstein with it and maybe do some gradiated fades with dot sizes on flat colour? All in all though dude great stuff!

  2. Thanks Tom! Funnily enough, I tried the half-tone and it didn't look right. I will be using it on the actual shoe designs behind the text though; I keep you posted on the finished pieces! :P

  3. Also, just a thought but: where's 'SNIKT'?! :-P


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