Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Possible Character Designing for Trunki!

I was contacted last week by Trunki after they'd seen my work at the Bristol Design Festival and went in for a meeting today to show them my work. Hopefully I may be doing some designs for them for their Yondi travel pillow (pic above) as they want to re-brand the range. I'm keeping all of my crossable bits crossed that they'll send me a brief and ask for some samples; the meeting seemed to go pretty well and if anything, I may have babbled a bit and got a bit too enthusiastic at times (I started to gush about Ren and Stimpy at one point...groan...!). Let's hope they took that as a good thing!


  1. So glad it went well dude - I'm still keeping everything crossed, though I'm sure they're gonna love the samples :-) Can totally see your work rocking this style of plushie/pillow!

  2. Thanks Tom! They seemed to like my characters so hopefully they'll get in touch. Just the waiting game now...!


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