Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Too much papers! Not enough hiding plants!

Well, after drawing a book a month since January, sometimes a couple overlapping, I've finally gotten quite ill. I think my body has finally gotten fed up of me waving away people's suggestions to "take a break!" and basically decided to learn me a lesson. Sickness and exhaustion aside, I'm still having a great time with all the books I'm drawing. Even though I STILL can't say anything about the books I'm working on for an American publisher, I can say that I'm really REALLY excited about the series; the covers are being designed at the moment and it's suddenly made everything a bit more real! There should hopefully be some excitement involved with the books next year when they are released. When I can finally talk about them, I you wont be able to shut me up.
I'm also very close to finishing my 6th book for Carlton, the awesome publishers that I drew all the single colour line art for 4 activity books last year. I'm particluarly excited about this book and I'm doing all of the artwork, including all of the colour pages. It's a really nice lttle book and I'm enjoying using a different kind of technique for the colour stuff; hopefully I can post a sneak peek over the next week or so!
I'm gearing up for the MCM Expo at the weekend, for which I'm hoping I'll at least be able to stand up for. Apologies if I spread any of my germs to anyone; I'm overdosing on Vitamin C and as many cold and flu medicines as my body can handle!

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  1. Hiya! I bought one of your to-do list sets at the MCM Expo and I'm a bit confused as to how to use it. I was expecting a pad of sheets (single use) but their appears to be about six and they are laminated. Are they supposed to be single use or wipe clean. If wipe clean, what sort of pen should I use with them?


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