Monday, 24 October 2011

Comic Con Frenzy #4: My Talented Fiends!

At the Expo this weekend I have a table next to my awesome betrothed-type-guy John-Paul Bove and our spiffing mate James Stayte (hey, that rhymed!). James and JP will be offering to draw sketches and colour them at the con, or you could just have a sketch or you could have a sketch you already have coloured. I think the first combination is the best. Not convinced? Look at these bad boys!

Awesome Spidey!

Awesome Optimus!

Even more awesome Link!

JP and James are discussing their prices, but for a fantastic piece of original art AND the chance to have it coloured and printed out then and there as a high quality print is too good to miss. They're lovely guys to boot and will no doubt keep you entertained during your stay. Do come have a look!


  1. JP has done this at various cons with various artists and it always goes down a treat. Hopefully the fine folk at MCM will think it's a good idea too!


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