Tuesday, 2 August 2011

More Exciting Things In Art Town!

Well, no-one can say that this last month hasn't been eventful! I've just found out that as of next week (hopefully) I'll be starting on a series of 4 children's activity books for Carlton Publishing, the lovely people I worked with for the NRM activity book I illustrated at the end of last year. The books are aimed at younger children and sound like a lot of fun. I'll be able to post more info when I hear from my awesome art director later in the week!

Another rather exciting piece of news is that I will be taking part in an exhibition in December, organised by myself and the uber-talented James Stayte and featuring four other amazing artists. We are just getting things sorted at the moment, including promotion, but the show will be held at the Centrespace gallery in Bristol. No doubt I will be pimping this like nobody's business as soon as we get started!

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