Friday, 15 April 2011

Zombies, Kid's Books and Cons!

Well, the last month or so has been a bit hectic; I had some work for a publisher getting samples done for both the Bologna Book Fair and the London Book Fair. I've had feedback and the samples were very well received! Hopefully I'll be doing some more samples for them to present to a supermarket chain (no names yet, I'm afraid) to hopefully get picked up by and distributed. Exciting stuff! Here are some of the pics I did for them:

When I was told one of the books would be about monsters, I couldn't have been happier! This was a lot of fun to do; the book is a novelty book with googly eyes placed throughout, hence the uncharacteristic big eyes, as opposed to my usual dots-for-eyes! I like the square guy and the bat :P

Second book sample was for a farm-based story.

My zombie zine is now at the printers and will hopefully be ready in the next couple of weeks. It's been so long since I did a full comic (I still get people asking me when the next issue of Guide Dog Detective will be done) that I'm not entirely happy with it, but hopefully this just means that the next one will be better. I want to be able to have some books to sell at cons again and this is the first step! The zine will come with some awesome goodies; if you're at the Bristol Expo in May, drop by and get one! :D

Speaking of cons, I've got a few coming up and the inevitable "crap, I'd better start making stuff" mentality has set in! I've just ordered oodles of keyrings, magnets and sticker paper ready for evenings of cutting and clipping and I've got some other ideas on the horizon too. Expect lots of new prints too!

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