Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Bring me a horse!

I went to see Thor at the weekend and I have to say, Marvel did a really good job! It could have been a bit of a mess given that it's a lot more fantasy based than the other Marvel films but it was really enjoyable. Chris Helmsworth was awesome as said God of Thunder and very funny. There was a trailer for Captain America too which is looking pretty good (fingers crossed) and makes me slightly less likely to pooh-pooh the upcoming Avengers film.


  1. Hmm, you saw Thor and think it was quite good...
    I'm not really sure about it from what I've seen, it looks too comical and I was expecting serious-ness.
    I was going to watch it anyway, when it comes out on DVD, to see how bad it is. But apparently it's not bad. D:
    I'll just watch it. XD

  2. There's a good balance between the serious and comical; the comedy aspect is more when Thor comes to Earth! I really enjoyed it; it could have gone horribly wrong but Marvel did a good job!


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