Saturday, 5 March 2011

Secret Project!

I can't say much about this but for the last few weeks I've been working on a children's book proposal with a writer and have just finished a batch of illustrations for it. It's not so secret that I can't post a couple of pictures:

...but it IS so secret that I can't tell you anything about them! The pictures may look like they say it all, but there's a lot more behind them than first glance. I can tell you the book is aimed at kids who like gross stuff; if you ever read the Little Dracula storybooks or like Horrible History or Horrible Science books, odds are you'll like this. More on this story as it (hopefully) develops! :P


  1. These look great. Kids love gross stuff! I still do to be honest. :)

  2. Thanks Mark! Yeah, me too. There was a series called Little Dracula back in the 80s which was amazing. It was so gross!


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