Thursday, 3 March 2011

Mini Comics, batch 1!

Two out of four of my mini comics for the London Small Press Expo are printed and packaged. Each diddy 15 page comic comes with a full colour print and there will be four in the series to collect. Here are the first couple:

Zine + print = awesome!

The Cryptids comic comes with a print of Sasquatch - it had to be!

The Gross Stuff zine comes with a dung beetle print. It seemed logical.

We're talking deep stuff here.

Never heard of the Mongolian Death Worm? Read about his escapades here. I like to think my comics are educational as well as pointless! :P Ninjas and Zombies will be done for next week and I can see more mini comics being made for future cons. I've already got plans for titles including Video Games, Sharks, Mexican Wrestlers, Robots and a Japanese Phrase Book. If you can't make the con, fear not as I will be selling these in my online shop soon!

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