Saturday, 22 January 2011

Trading Cards Printed!

My trading cards arrived in the post today and they look awesome! Each card is printing on high quality card stock, all double-sided.

A selection on my ink-ridden desk.

Card with Squid Bits logo on the back.

Mmm, maybe some Top Trumps?

I'll be ordering some envelopes and bubblegum this week and will hopefully have these to buy on my online shop very soon. Each pack will have 6 cards and a stick of bubblegum and will be about £3 per pack. Don't just think of them as trading cards, but collectible art cards! :D


  1. Hi! I've been looking into printing my own trading cards and along the way I came across your blog and this post! Your trading cards look so nice! I was wondering if you still remember where you ordered your cards. :D

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