Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Lots done, lots to do and the inevitable Burnout that follows.

Things were very hectic just before xmas; as well as doing a children's book, deadlined illustration work and seasonal commissions, I moved house and was doing extra hours at my day job. All got done and I had a great Christmas and New Years break, all the while worrying slightly about the quiet period that would follow all of this. Fortunately, there was no quiet period and I got a few awesome commissions pretty much straight off. Unfortunately, this is when my brain decides it's had enough and shuts done for anything else arty. I'm enjoying the work I've got at the moment but I'm finding it hard to get motivated for my own stuff. I get Burnout every now and then and I know I'll get over, but it doesn't make it any less frustrating!
But I've got a formula for getting through it:
  • Read lots: bedtime is usually my designated book time purely because of my working hours but during times of un-inspiration, I'm allowed to read whenever I want!
  • Play video games: letting my brain zone out and play video games usually gives it a nudge back in the right direction. I'm never sure why, but I've learnt not to question it!
  • Get products made: This is usually the best time to get things like prints, stickers, keyrings and other easily produced items made. If I can't be useful at the drawing board, I'll stock up for comic cons!
  • Get out of the damn house: Although I'd love to be fully freelance, I'm very grateful for my part-time job as it means I HAVE to get out of the house. I'm a bit of a hermit at heart so the excuse to get out is one I take for granted sometimes. Thursdays are my day off in the week so I'll use that for an art shop trawl and supply restock. I might just amble about for the sake of it too.

I'd love to know what other artists do when they've fizzled out too so if you fancy sharing, please do!

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