Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Trading Cards 4!

Cards 31-40 in my 50 card series! If it wasn't apparent already, I'm having a great time making these. I've got 10 more to bring the number to 50 and then there will be 10 rare cards that will be kept secret just to make the whole thing a bit more interesting! I've even been looking into getting sticks of bubblegum for each pack, just like the stickers/trading cards of my youth!


  1. Two questions....How do you manage to come up with so many wonderful characters? And where do you find the time to do all these? ;)
    Looking forward to seeing the next 10 :)

  2. Thanks Harto!

    1) I have a very odd imagination; these guys just seem to pop up from nowhere
    2) I work pretty quickly and if it's something I enjoy, get a bit obsessive about drawing them! :P


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