Friday, 15 January 2010

The Rather Odd Alphabet!

What started as an experiment with type and format has now become a full-blown project! Thanks to all who have left comments on my alphabet pieces as it's pushing me to complete the whole thing and try and turn it into something. I've decided to make a colouring book out of it for the Web and Mini Comix Thing (with free crayons!) but would also like to make it into a limited edition book as well. I'm currently looking into funding to get some colour copies printed so if anyone is interested in buying a copy, let me know and hopefully I'll be able to put it into action when the book is finished. There will also be a glossary in the back for all the words and animals - I deliberately went for "big" words to make the whole thing a bit more interesting and not be a standard ABC book.
There are a couple of pages I'm already not happy with so I'm already thinking about changing them. The main two at the mo are A and Q but there are a few more I would like to tweak. Abandoned Astronaut mainly because as the alphabet goes on, an astronaut doesn't seem to fit with everything else. I did intend to have a whole range of things in there, not just animals but the more I research things to include, the more animals I find that are just too good not to draw.
This project has also given me a boost of confidence as I included a couple of pages in my email submission pack to publishers and have already had one very positive response off of the back of it after sending out a batch yesterday! Fingers crossed!

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