Monday, 9 September 2013

What the dickens am I doing?

I feel bad for neglecting my blog a bit since my trip to the US but things have been insane busy here; I'm currently working on 2 activity books and the deadlines are fast approaching. They're pretty fun though and my art director is brilliant - that always makes a BIG difference working on a project! I have a few exciting secret projects in the works too which I can't talk about quite yet, but hopefully will be able to reveal a few bits over the next month or so!
I was very lucky to have been asked to take part in an amazing science comic for kids called Asteroid Belter, which teams up scientists and artists to create awesome educational comics. My brief was "A Day In The Life Of A Poo" - hopefully I can post my comic soon but the actual printed comic is free and available in Newcastle!
I have a couple of cons coming up - MCM and Thought Bubble - and have been trying to get new stuff sorted for those. I'm working on a very special and exciting collaboration with someone for Thought Bubble that hopefully should be pretty awesome; I'll reveal more when I can! :D

I'm also going to running another giveaway over on my Facebook page very soon so please check it out for updates and news!

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