Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Road Robots.

One of the biggest hazards on the roads in America at the moment are Road Robots: Robots that dance on or near roads and highways. Dancing robots distract more drivers than anything else in the United States. Although skilled, they really should find somewhere else to perform. I've managed to get quite a few photos of these robots on our road trip in the U.S.

Report dancing robots on the roads. Call 555-101-I-ROBOT.

Road Robots dance for attention. Slowing down to view them will cause the robots to think you want them to come home and live with you, and they will attempt to enter your car. KEEP DRIVING. They will eventually wander off when no-one pays them any attention.

Road Robots come in all shapes and sizes and are pre-programmed with over 300 dance moves.

Road Robot debris can be a real hazard on the highways. Not every robots dances to see another day.

Some Road Robots are huge and can cause major traffic delays until they finish dancing and the roads are cleared.

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