Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Cute and the Weird series!

Last year, I wanted to make a full-colour book to sell at cons alongside the black and white ones I'd made. I didn't have any particular comic in mind but realised that I had enough of a series of images to make a book. I then thought it might be a nice idea to start a series under the same title, but have each volume totally different. I really liked this concept and ended up making two books to sell under the same banner and so The Cute and the Weird was born! I'm better at creating one-off images and gag cartoons than I am at sequential stuff; I find it a bit harder to make something with a beginning, middle and end but I really enjoy dropping a character into the middle of a strange situation and letting the viewer decide how they got there. The Cute and the Weird is a great excuse for me to collect together a gaggle of random events and characters but still have them tie together in some way.
So far there are three books in the series; Volume 1 and 3 have a bit more structure to them, whereas Volume 2 is more like a mini art book. I like the idea of each one being based around a central idea or theme and I'm already planning the next one. I'm starting to really enjoy making the books and am aiming to release a couple a year alongside other small press titles, dependant on workload. I'm  hoping that people will start to see the series as something fun and a bit different! :P

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