Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Comics Land!

HUZZAH! I can finally blab about the awesome kid's books I've been working on! For the last year, I've been drawing a set of graphic novels for 5-7 year olds with the absolutely awesome Stone Arch Books, who I met at the New York Comic Con way back in 2010. I was over-the-moon when nearly 2 years later, I got an email asking if I'd like to work on a series for them. YES! It has turned out to be the best job I've ever had! :P
The series is called Comics Land and the books feature dinosaurs, robots, aliens and a whole lot of how-comics-work info for kids. The first two books, Dinosaurs For Breakfast and Snorkeling With Sea-Bots will be out at the beginning of March. I'm currently working on a second series of books which I also can't wait to share as the stories are so much fun and feature monkeys, goats and a whole lot of beans! I love that they've been designed as introductory comics for children and I really hope kids (and grown-ups!) will enjoy them. Here are some bits and pieces from the first series! All of the pages are minus the text and dialogue for the minute, but I'll be posting photos of the innards of the books when I get my copies.

Quite possibly my favourite book of the four is Dinosaurs for Breakfast! The main characters are a boy and his pet dinosaur, who keeps growing as the story progresses. Drawing dinosaurs is never a chore, especially when I get to make them look cute!

Josh and Rexy, before he starts to grow!

Josh looking after his egg - what will it hatch into?

Snorkeling With Sea-Bots -  Kolten goes snorkeling and discovers that the movements of the sea are controlled by a city of robots! Too much fun to draw an underwater robot city - pics coming soon! :P

Kolten and Rip the Sea-Bot.

I wish I could find a robot when I go snorkeling...
The New Kid From Planet Glorf - Sean goes into school after forgetting his book and finds an alien kid playing with objects from the classroom! I realised after designing Nurk, the alien boy, that he kind of looks like a space Axolotl!

Nurk of Glorf and Sean of Earth!

Nurk thinks a book is meant for cooling down.
Blastoff To The Secret Side Of The Moon! - Aaron finds a spaceship behind his house and after accidentally taking off, a secret amusement park on the dark side of the moon! I got to draw tons of aliens for this book! :P

 Aaron and an alien friend!

Aaron at the ship's controls (I loved drawing this!)
I'm currently drawing the second series of Comics Land which is somehow even more fun than the first. I've had such a great time drawing these books and I'm really proud to have been asked to draw 8 of them; I really hope people get a kick out of them because the writers have come up with some stories that are very funny, very cool and full of amazing characters. I'll keep you posted on series 2! :P


  1. Aww, these are so cool, Jess! I particularly like Rip the Sea-Bot and the Nurk the Space Axolotl. All ace stuff so here's to their success in America! :D

    1. Thanks so much! I love doing the character designs for the books; the publishers always seem to actually choose the designs I like the most which nearly NEVER happens!


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