Saturday, 31 March 2012

All Kinds Of Stuffs!

No-one can say that 2012 has been a dull year for me so far and it's only the end of March. I drew two kid's books over January and Feb and I've just finished the major story art for the first of four kid's books for an American publisher (20 pages with 48 separate full-colour panels in just over a week). That's pretty much a book a month; no wonder I'm so tired! XD I've also got some cons coming up so I need to get stuck in with making new prints, keyrings, stickers and hopefully, if I get time, a new small press book to go with my Lovecraft book. I have 2 weeks off of work now for Easter so let's hope I can cram in as much as possible! I've also got the next three books in the American series to do over the next few months as well as another activity book starting in mid-April. Come August, I'd have drawn 7 children's books which is a huge accomplishment for me; I'd always hoped I'd get this far and being the pessimistic, under confident person I am, never thought I'd be able to do so much work alongside a part-time job. It's a good job I don't have much of a social life to go with all this! :P

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  1. *high fives and Super-Productive Awesome-Generator Machine stickers* :D


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