Tuesday, 14 February 2012

My Desk: Projects A-Go-Go!

Things have been crazy since 2012 started and I'm working on possibly more than my brain can handle at the moment and I haven't even started my new part-time job yet. Here's the current state of my desk at the moment:

  1. Bucket of coffee - inevitable toilet going will follow but the caffeine is needed.

  2. Character designs for 4 upcoming kid's books.

  3. Waiting for ink to dry on bits for 2 separate kid's books.

  4. Brief (with pages ticked off) for awesome doodle book.

  5. Out-dated To-Do List.

  6. Awesome artwork by other people and a Poop sign.

  7. My Kindle close at hand for break time.

Only time will tell if I can keep up with all this but I'll try my darnedest!

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