Thursday, 19 January 2012

How do I look drawn?

Whenever I'm asked to do a self-portrait or provide a picture of myself for a website, I immediately go for a drawn picture. I don't photograph well and can do myself a little bit of justice (however inaccurate it is) with a cartoon version of myself. This is how I usually draw myself - not too insulting but not too flattering either.

How I usually draw me

I have recently started giving drawing lessons to under 11 year olds and had a brilliant time with 8 year old Lolita drawing faces and portraits. We started off drawing each other on a template and this is her wonderful effort:

How an 8 year old draws me

I love this drawing! She really captured my cheesy grin and I love the curly bits of hair at the top. I since discovered that we both share a love of drawing animals so next week's lesson will not involve any people drawing! I also recently dug out some of my old school books from the early '80s and found this rather disturbing self-portrait from 1986. I love that my 6 year old self thought I had a flat head, a brown neck and arm and blue fingernails. Go me! Needless to say, I find this rather amusing!

How my 6 year old self drew me

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