Saturday, 3 December 2011

Portfolio Pictures #1

I'm in the process of adding some new bits to my portfolio at the moment. I'm finally at a stage where I'm in some way proud of my body of work and thought I'd colour up some of the black and white pieces I've done for the children's activity books I'm drawing at the moment. My favourite book to have drawn so far has been the Baby Animals book, for obvious reasons! I really enjoyed doing this page; in the book, this illustration has some objects on it that don't belong in a vet's office and readers have to circle what they are. I changed it slightly to be a straight forward page to add to my portfolio. The space at the top could do with something though!

1 comment:

  1. Yay! for updating one's portfolio (and being proud of the results :D–it's always a tough slog for me to do so...

    And, ok this is just my opinion, but do NOT vectorize your work, just because that seems to be the you, I prefer the charming, wobbly, lines of hand drawn stuff (though for me, it's a pain to clean up in photoshop, I do so much erasing!) :)


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