Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Cons, Kid's books and Coconuts (may not actually contain coconuts).

The last couple of weeks have been a maelstrom of work, work and more work. Thought Bubble was a very pleasant con; great to catch up with lots of peeps and spent a wee bit too much on small press books! XD I'm also on the home stretch for the kid's books - the diggers book is next on the list to complete and then it's just the dinos. I've been having a great time drawing the dinosaur book!

In crapper news, I've been made redundant at my part-time job which sucks, but hopefully will lead to something else. I have until February as I got a decent redundancy package so at least I'm not stranded for xmas!

I've been sending off work to more publishers (sample from my portfolio above) and have had some positive responses, so hopefully 2012 will bring some more exciting book work!


  1. Chin up, looks like I'm going to lose my job end of March too. Something good has to come from all these austerity measures, we can't let the government have all the fun!

  2. Sorry to hear that David - it seems to be quite a common thing at the moment! We should all get together and poo on David Cameron's paperwork.

  3. Oh I'm sorry to hear that–the same thing happened to me around this time 2 years ago and though it does suck, it also DOES lead to more exciting adventures :) So "bonne courage!"


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