Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Inflight Magazine Illustrations!

In addition to the kid's book I'm illustrating, I got another very exciting commission last week for a kid's inflight magazine. As well as drawing several drop-ins for a double-page spread, I also had 3 large pics to do. It was a really fun job and challenging too as the client wanted coloured line-work instead of my beloved black, which I was terrified of at first (I've only done it a couple of times, and even then it was an experiment) but they were very pleased with the result and it turned out okay!
This was the biggest illustration of the bunch; the brief was a dolls house with lots for kids to look at! Can you spot the 4 cupcakes?

This one was a picture full of things beginning with p!

Finally, we have the Diving Dinos! This one will be a Spot-The-Difference picture; I'm looking forward to seeing how they change the picture ! It's been a busy week but the client was happy with the work and if the airline like them, it could mean regular work every quarter for each new magazine! Now, if I could only get more jobs like this...


  1. These look really, really cool. I really like the coloured line work too. Good job!

  2. Looks awesome. Love the things beginning with P picture and the dinosaurs :)

  3. These are spiffingly fantabulous!!!!!!!!!!


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