Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Drawing, moving and sleeping.

Firstly, apologies for being so rubbish with my blogging since getting back from New York; I have good excuses! First up, myself and my fiancee are currently waiting for our new house to be officially movable into-able. Thanks to the most shocking solicitors ever (no names but I will gladly tell anyone who emails just so they never have to put up with the level of sheer incompetence we had to!) we've had to wait way longer than we have for the whole process to go through. So at the moment we are both holed up in JP's flat, surrounded by boxes and with limited internet access, waiting for our new (very good) solicitors to clean up the mess left by the other ones. I hate being in this state of limbo as I'm finding it hard to get into any kind of work routine and generally feel a bit miserable about the whole situation. However, I've now officially started work on the kid's book I'm doing which is good! It's an activity book based on trains and railways which is a challenge! It's also a lot of fun though and the spreads are coming through thick and fast which means little time to do my own work at the moment. But I'm not going to complain! :P With any luck, everything will be sorted by next week and I can look forward to a new house with a new studio :D It also means I will be able to catch up on much needed sleep...
I will also be off to London this weekend for the MCM Expo which should be good fun. I'll be flogging the usual prints, paintings, greetings cards, keyrings and other geegaws so come along and say hi!

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  1. Argh moving house sounds so stressful...hope things get better soon, and I'm looking forward to hearing more about the childrens' book :-)



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