Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Milk Town Deli!

Milk Town has a lot of specialist produce that the townsfolk like to eat, and where better to pick up a tasty snack than the local deli!
Why not try a Sea Cucumber, Fire Drop or rasher of Rainbow Bacon? Radishes and gherkins are chock full of vitamins and goodness and Rainbow Coral is expensive but damn tasty! :P


  1. hahaha... oh my! those looks delish and the storekeeper koala (that's koala, right?) seems very friendly! :D

    and you know what? We draw in the same technique, using pen/ink (read:during boring classes) and coloring them using photoshop, only yours are waaay neater than mine xD.

    look... http://lh6.ggpht.com/_9BF1f65mn-Y/Sbot_GCnOrI/AAAAAAAAAXg/q8Ihle-YDzo/s1600-h/scan12color%5B2%5D.jpg

    see... MESSY! Hahaha... oh, and my colors are waaay brighter, I love your pastel ones, I don't know why I always choose bright colors, lol xD

  2. Jess. You are an absolute nutter. I love it. Put me on the waiting list for a Milk Town comic please!

  3. Lovely work & illustrations! Being an Australian I can't help but love this koala ;)

  4. Thanks Erin! Love your work too - been scouring your blog and drooling this morning!


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