Saturday, 29 August 2009

Step-by-step Painting! Part the Second!

I just realised there are actually very few steps left to go, so apologies if this one is a bit short! When last we left Frank, he had just been flatted...

I like cel-shaded style colouring as it fits in with the kind of work I do and acrylics are great for layering. I love how they get a kind of plastic texture when they dry. I've given Frank some shadow and a nice popping vein on his forehead!

And the last step; outlining! For these pics I've gone for black but I do also outline in colour if I want to soften something up. However, as these are very cartoony I think the black suits. And there we have it! A cute little Punisher! As I mentioned before, I usually work on about three at any time, so here are the paintings I've done over the last two days:

From left to right: Dr Manhatten, Nite Owl, Hulk, Hellblazer, The Punisher and Reed Richards. I've currently got four more wirh backgrounds drying as we speak so hopefully over the next couple of days I can post pics of Green Lantern, Clark Kent, Blue Beetle and Hellboy!


  1. These are fantastic. I love the paintings you did for me. 'In the flesh' the acrylic finish has an amazing sheen, never distracting it adds a real life to the details.

  2. Thanks Ian! They're really addictive - I keep thinking of new ones I want to do! I love the sheen of acrylics too; there's just something rather sleek about them! Really glad you're enjoying the paintings!

  3. These are lovely Jess and very inspiring.

    I've got a stack of little square canvases at home that are begging for something to be done with them.

    Now I just need inspiration...


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